Melvin, is a UEFA A-licensed coach with a great deal of experience in working on an international stage.Boel, a former U18 coach at the Feyenoord Academy, has been working as international development coach at Feyenoord for several years and is responsible for all technical content of the international Feyenoord Academy programs. He oversees both training programs and coaching instruction as well as Feyenoord’s strategical partnership with various clubs all over the globe.

A great tactician, Melvin Boel both gives and demands full commitment to the game. In spite of his young age Boel is also the head coach of 4th division team BVCB. Currently he is the Head Coach of Feyenoord Rotterdam u18.

The Feyenoord Academy is named as the best youth Academy of the Netherlands from 2010 till 2014.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands